Rainbow Bounce House

Are you looking for the perfect rainbow inflatable bounce house? Well, here’s a fabulous deal for you! Funtastic Soft Play carries some of your favorite bouncers.

Rainbow Bounce House Rental

Your little prince or princess will be delighted with the colorful Rainbow bounce house. Playing with bright colors & rainbow shapes can captivate children for hours, and it is a fun family activity. We can place it on your lawn in your backyard, or you can put it inside your home. The high-quality fabric is non-toxic and safe for your child. It does not irritate their skin or contain heavy metals. This design is perfect for parties, play dates, and family reunions. Additionally, it is an excellent way for churches or other organizations to get people involved in social events!

The Rainbow Kids Inflatable Bounce House

rainbow bounce house

With this Rainbow Inflatable Bounce Castle, your kids can play in the yard with a water pool and have a family birthday party. You can also use it as a ball pit, so whether it’s summer or winter and whether it’s indoors or outdoors, your children will love this inflatable. This Rainbow Bounce House comes with a water pool so your children can play in the yard and have fun at a family party. As long as you have a water pipe in your yard for your small swimming pool, kids are sure to have fun during the summer. It can also be used as a ball pit. Due to its size, you can enjoy the bounce house indoors. Reinforced high net sidewalls provide a safe enclosed play area. This inflatable will be a hit with your children regardless of whether it’s summer or winter and whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Rainbow Bounce House Features

  • Overall Dimensions: 115 x 62 x 80 inches
  • Maximum Occupancy: 3
  • Recommended Ages: 1 to 5
  • Inflate Time: 1 minute

The set includes an inflatable unit, a UL-certified blower, storage straps, and stakes for both the blower and the bouncer. An inflatable this size rolls up very quickly for easy storage, taking up approximately the same amount of space as a giant sleeping bag. Your bouncer can be easily set up by unrolling it. After securing the inflatable to the ground, attach an inflation tube to the blower and turn it on. The blower will run continuously while the children play. Fabrics and seams allow air to escape. We can set up bouncers like this one in residential areas.

Common Questions about the Rainbow Bounce House Inflatable

Everything needed for the inflatable will be included upon delivery. If you have any further questions please email us or call us!

Children should only use the bounce house. In the past, we’ve heard several stories of parents getting hurt inside bounce houses. That being said, we have heard a few parents mention they get in with their kids who are younger than 3 for their safety.

No matter if your event is indoors or outdoors, this bounce house is perfect for any occasion.

Children over the age of 3 should have no problem playing in the bounce house. To keep kids safe, it would be best if they played inside with others their own age. It allows everyone to play freely inside. To ensure the safety of tots under 3, make sure you watch them at all times and don’t let any other kids jump while they are playing in the bounce house.

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